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Cox Cable Internet: High Speed Internet for Your Home

High speed internet access from your home is something everyone needs today in order to properly experience the World Wide Web. Cox Cable brings it to you. Our customers can get speeds up to 140Mbps using our high speed internet services. That means there are virtually no limits to what you can do online. You can download music, stream movies, share pictures and so much more, all at super-fast speeds.

Cox Cable Internet has the Best Benefits and Features

Other internet providers simply cannot match the benefits and features offered by Cox Cable high speed internet services. With packages starting at just 5Mbps, for the very light Internet user, all the way up to 150Mbps, for the most avid gamers and power users, there is a speed and package that is right for your needs.

Cox Cable doesn't just provide super fast internet speeds, but we also offer excellent 24/7 customer service and technical support for any issues that might come up with your service. At Cox Cable, satisfaction is guaranteed and your service is our top priority.

Whether you are tired of big name providers that simply don't offer the service you want, or you are looking for a faster option than satellite Internet or wireless providers, Cox Cable is the number one choice of fast Internet with impressive customer service in your area.

Cox Cable Internet: High Speed Internet for Your Home

Bundle Cox Cable Internet Services and get a Deal!

In addition to our high speed internet services, you can also bundle our digital voice and television services. With Cox Cable HD television services, you can get hundreds of channels in high definition and can choose to add a DVR receiver, which allows you to not only record your favorite shows, but also pause and rewind live TV.

In addition to getting amazing HD channels and television service with DVR capability, you will also have access to our On Demand services. This allows you to choose from a vast selection of current and past shows to watch, when you want to watch them. We also offer Pay-Per-View services so you can see the latest blockbuster movie or the big fight from the comfort of your own home. Our lineup of channels and impressive entertainment packages range from basic to premium TV choice.

Cox Cable internet packages plans in your area

Cox also brings you digital telephone services to pair with your internet and television services. You get all the same great features that you're accustomed to having with traditional phone services: caller ID, call waiting, speed dialing, call forwarding and more.

If you're looking for a great bundle package of all of these services, Cox is the right choice for you. If you're looking for just one or two of these services, we still have an array of great plans for you to choose from, so you get what is exactly right for you. With cutting edge Internet, the latest in quality television service or impressive voice service, we have exactly what you need.

Make the change to Cox Cable today and experience Internet, TV and voice services that are simply the best available.

Cox Cable High Speed Internet

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