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Cox Cable in New Salem, ND: Internet, TV & Home Phone Service

Today Cox Cable in New Salem, ND is changing the face of Internet. Gone are the days of frustratingly slow DSL or the challenges of satellite Internet. Cox Cable brings the very fastest high speed internet in the nation to New Salem, so customers there are never again left behind on the information super highway. With a connection that is always on and faster than you could imagine, anything you need to do online is at your fingertips.

In addition to its impressive high speed Internet service, Cox Cable in New Salem, ND has added the availability of its cutting edge HDTV and digital voice services to bundle packages so that customers can take care of everything in one stop shopping and save money. With bundle packaging, Cox customers enjoy the best home Internet, TV and phone service available, exceptional customer service and the convenience on one lower bill each month.

Cox Cable New Salem, ND

High Speed Wireless Internet in New Salem, ND with Cox Cable

Anyone who uses the Internet knows that the speed of your connection dictates what you can do, how long it takes to do things and how frustrated you can become. Cox Cable in New Salem blasts past the competition with high speed Internet that is 20 times faster than DSL, and reaches speeds of up to an amazing 140Mbps.

That kind of high speed Internet means online gaming with no lagging at the most critical moments. It also means music downloads take seconds and photo sharing just minutes. It also ensures that you can stream video without constant buggering.

High speed Internet from Cox Cable in New Salem, ND gives you all that and wireless Internet. Almost every home today has Wi-Fi enabled devices, so Cox Cable provides easy to install wireless Internet, so no matter where you are in your home, you can be connected at top speed.

wireless high speed cable internet in New Salem, ND

Cox Cable New Salem, ND: Bundle Internet, Cable TV & Home Phone Service

With Cox Cable in New Salem, ND you can create your bundle package by adding top quality Cable HD TV to your high speed Internet account. You can enjoy HD programming, a DVR that lets you stop and start even live shows, and choose from an impressive channel lineup. ESPN, HBO, NFL Network and so many more are available to you.

Digital Voice is the other bundle service offered by Cox Cable. It gives you crystal clear telephone service for one low price that includes unlimited local and long distance calls, voicemail, caller ID and call waiting. Everything you get with your regular phone service, Cox can provide for so much less and without the hassle of changing your phone number.

Cox Cable New Salem, ND: Bundle Internet, Cable TV & Home Phone Service

Call Cox Cable at 1-888-565-4491 today to get all your questions answered about Cox Cable in New Salem, ND.

Cable Television Provider in New Salem ND

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