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Cox Cable Offers Unlimited High Speed Internet Service

If you've been looking to finally get high speed internet service, then Cox Cable is the right provider for you and your family. Our internet service packages offer you a variety of speeds to make sure that the service you need is what you're getting. If you're just a casual internet user, we have a perfect package available. If you're a heavy user who likes to stream high quality video and play online games, we have an ideal package available to meet your needs as well.

Cox Cable Internet Speeds: the Fastest High Speed Internet

Slow load times, buffering and lag will be a thing of the past with Cox Cable, as you can get speeds upwards of 140Mbps, depending on the package you choose. This means that your service will be up to at least 20x faster than traditional DSL services and light years ahead of satellite and dial-up services. You can do more things simultaneously now without worrying about lag or waiting on your service to catch up.

Not only do you get Cox Cable's blazing fast wired internet speeds, but you also get wireless internet services. This means that you can experience high speed on all your internet enabled devices, including but not limited to tablets and smart phones. You can stream movies on your back porch while you have food on the grill or even listen to music on your phone in the kitchen while you cook. With Cox Cable's high speeds, you're no longer limited by what you can do.

Cox Cable Internet Speeds: the Fastest High Speed Internet

Some of the benefits of our high speed internet service include the following.

  • Browse the internet in real time without having to wait for pages to load.
  • Super-fast, responsive online gaming, so you never miss the perfect opportunity due to lag.
  • Netflix or Hulu streaming service that is simply flawless. Watch your favorite shows uninterrupted from your device in high quality.
  • Use e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media easily with anytime access and real speed.

Do More Online with High Speed Cox Cable Internet

Your old DSL and satellite internet services held you back in what you could do online. Speed was always an issue. But with Cox Cable you can do more than you ever thought possible. Download music in just seconds, upload hundreds of pictures of family and friends in just a few minutes and download the latest movies without a hesitation.

The fastest speeds around are now at your fingertips with Cox Cable, letting you virtually do anything you want online without interruption or lag. Never again worry about a spike while playing your favorite game, or excessive buffering while you're watching your favorite movie online. Enjoy real speed for life online with your personal computer, laptop, or any Internet enabled device.

Get Internet for today's needs now with Cox Cable.

Do More Online with High Speed Cox Cable Internet

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